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I regret I must inform you that today marks the last day of regular updates to the dailywebthing linkport and dailywebthing daily pointers.

To all who have visited and followed over the years – your interest in my efforts will always be appreciated!

By tomorrow morning, both sites will redirect to the new (combined) dailywebthing archives. Moving forward, I’ll be curating and sharing newly found goodies at i.webthings regularly (though a bit less frequently), so please stay tuned.

Thanks for being here,
joe jenett

improvements in progress

Content on the dailywebthing (including the daily pointers feature) will not be updated for the next 3-10 days as we work on some important changes and improvements. When updating resumes, all daily entries delayed by the project will then be published. Thanks for your patience.

Update (8/5/15): Everything seems to be in place and working correctly on the new server, so we’re back.

redesign in progress

Please pardon our dust as we work on updating our site design in the coming weeks. In the end, the dailywebthing should be considerably more functional (and usable) on all devices. Cheers.


Some software falls short.

This post originally provided a link to a free OS X software, After testing the software on my own system, I’ve decided to remove the link. In a nutshell, the software did not work as described and it made changes to a system file that some users might not know how to undo if necessary. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Joe Jenett

hello again – glad to be back

Just to let you know the dailywebthing is back and will resume publishing on a somewhat daily basis. Further information on why we were gone for a while is available at simply.. It’s great to see you again.

dailywebthing site fixes

Please pardon our dust – I’m working on some template issues and the site may look a little funky at times over the next few days. Thanks!

Update (3:55pm): The major issues have been resolved so things should be looking better now.

a note about coolstop…

…as it appeared on the main page:

08/24/10 – Changes:

The latest phase of coolstop has reached its endpoint. Though the site will no longer be updated with new content for the time being, we’ll continue to maintain the archives (while considering possible new directions for coolstop).

Sometime soon, additional randomly-generated favorites will be presented on the main page so each visit to coolstop will deliver a unique assortment of goodness from its history – there’s many gems in the collection definitely worth sharing on an ongoing basis.

Thank you.

(Updated 8/26/10)